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Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical

Since 1975, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical clients have depended on Uni-Label to meet and stay ahead of the everchanging markets. Uni-Label complies with the FDA guidelines through our stringent Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Pharmaceutical as well as Nutraceutical clients can count on Uni-Label to provide quality standard materials that are tested, proven, consistent and compliant. For capsules, tablets, and liquids, Uni-Label has a proven track record to be a successful and certified print vendor for your labels, inserts and onsert needs. 


Personal Care

The personal care market continues to be a highly competitive arena where product identification is paramount. Along with the design of the brand there is also a need of strong durability and conformability of the label. Uni-Label is a certified partner in color mangement by GMI International, the leader in color accountability. The GMI certification assures our clients that we are guided to produce high quality color and registration. Whether it is squeezable tube, oil based ingredients or you need that elegant clear label look, Uni-Label has a solution that will set you apart from your competition. Uni-L abel can also provide green alternatives.

Home & Laundry

The home and laundry market consists of a host of products that are put through rigourous use day to day around every household. Brand marketers are always enhancing the look of their brand through vibrant colors and graphics. We also understand the need to use materials that have shelf appeal, long lasting durability and conform properly to many different sizes and shapes that are used in spray bottles, squeezable tubes, bottles and jugs. Uni-Label has the color mangement certification from GMI International to assure that quality shelf appeal. Uni-Label  has the materials needed to add to that shelf appeal as well as being suited for the needs of your home and laundry products. Uni-Label can also provide green alternatives.


Many products from the home and laundry can fit into this market as well. This market has conumer goods as well as commercial use products that can be flammable and/or have high concentration of chemicals in the product. Uni-Label provides durable material solutions that have proven performance on  a vast amount of bottles, jugs, aerosal and drums. No matter what the diameter or surface, we have the solution. Long lasting color/text management against the outdoors, temperatures and chemicals is assured through UV inks and laminations.


Whether your product is for human consumption or pet food, Uni-Label has been certified though our cGMP compliance to deliver  the best in consumable good labels. If you need eye popping materials that shine under the store shelf lights or a clear "no see" label look, we have the materials for your products. Uni-Label has thousands of sizes and shapes to choose from to fit on any type of bottle or container shape. Inks and materials are consumer safe.


Our automotive materials are extensive and precise in specifications so they can withstand the toughest environments. In this market you need a label that can withstand temperatures and durability against brake and oil fluids. No matter what area of the automotive, Uni- Label has the proven materials needed to meet your products needs.

Serialization, QR & Barcodes, Sequential Number

Product traceability, inventory and consumer interaction have become regulation and/or mainstay in products in all markets. When printing these codes and numbers, Uni-Label understands the need to be precise with graphics and text so that readers and consumers can scan without incident. Uni-Label is proven through printing millions upon millions of these codes as the trusted supplier in this area. If you are interested in learning about Serialization and the new requirements of the FDA - DQSA mandate, call one of our experts today.


Shipping & Handling

Facilities across all markets need shipment alert identification labels. Simple graphics , simple text and bright colors are used to identify and communicate important instructions such as FRAGILE, THIS END UP, DO NOT DOUBLE STACK and a host of other instructions. Uni-Label can provide your facility with these labels that will adhere to the basic shipping box and to the most rugged of container surfaces.

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